Sunday, March 4, 2012

Book Evaluation

  In the novel "Life As We Knew It" A shift in the moons position causes a snow ball effect of devastation that leaves the world in complete mayhem. As Miranda says, "the moon wasn't a half moon anymore, it was tilted and wrong and a three-quarter moon and it got larger,way larger." The plot of the book revolves around the constant struggle of Miranda, who is the narrator, and her family to stay alive in a world surrounded by chaos.

  In my opinion this plot set this book up to be very predictable. A plot about the end of the world and that sort of thing is overused in movies, and in books and has become a common theme. Additionally, the events of the book were  predictable as well and seemed pointless to read. For example, Miranda and every other character in the book are constantly complaining about food. When the world is coming to an end, of course there is going to be a shortage of food, and yes people are going to be hungry, but when page after page is all about food and complaining the book became dull and boring. On page 90, Miranda has a dream about food and says "I remember begging for the hot dog and Becky taking it away from me and eating it herself. I never wanted anything as much as i wanted that hot dog". This is an example of the over used topic of food, which makes the plot of the book, the world ending, less interesting.

  Even though this book is fiction, I wish the book would have explained how the shift in the moon's patterns caused so much chaos. It should have been explained more because it had so much to do with the story line. The moon indecent caused the whole world to change and greatly affected families, like Miranda's. It would have been nice to know exactly what happened with the Moon and how it actually caused devastation scientifically to increase the credibility of the book, while making it more interesting by showing cause an effect.

  I would not recommend this book to action lovers. This book was dull and repetitive and lacked a certain page turning quality. I found myself laboring through this book waiting for something suspenseful, and being upset when there was none. I believe the author should have used more extreme drama that would have caused the book to be more interesting. I would not recommend this book to adults, or men for that matter. This book was written in diary form with Miranda making the entrees. This means the events of the book were coming from a teen girls perspective which in my point of view is annoying.  Overall I was disappointed with this book, especially with the ending in which everyone makes it out alive. I would have much rather read about something a little more dramatic than a happy and neat ending.

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